Moving forward, 1 positive step at a time! =]

After a full day of work on Saturday (broke college art major with not enough hours… XP), I got a text from David, a guy I went to high school and did Model United Nations (MUN) debate for 4 years with. David now promotes night clubs on his spare time as a side hobby, and he asked me if I was going to go to his event tonight, so he could put me on the guest list and take care of me if I was planning to go. However, my bestie was in San Diego tonight, and I didn’t feel like going out by myself. I told David I was skipping this weekend, but I might go out with my bestie next weekend to support him. So, why mention this? Because, instead of going out on a Saturday night like a normal kid my age would, I decided to wreck havoc at home instead… and wreck havoc I did!

First things first, come home. Check. Eat dinner with grandma. Check. Take grandma out to run errands and watch my neighbor, NFL football wide receiver T. J. Houshmandzadeh, Jr. take his family out to watch Shrek at the local theater. (Why does he make his wife drive?!?! XP) Check. Go buy some mascarpone at Trader Joes for the a recipe I lifted off a designer today at work. Check. Deposit check in bank account because I’m broke. Check. Cool beans, I’m ready! Time to go home and wreck havoc!

Fakies first tonight! Fakies meaning fake lashes. My bestie, Katren, got me two sets of fake lashes because I was asking her where I could get some cheap $1 sets. You know, that whole dedication to learn how to do makeup this summer? Yeah. I got here so far with the help of going out with my bestie to David’s events…

Thank God my bestie’s little sister is a makeup pro. I kid you not. She helped me SO MUCH in Makeup Lesson 100! THANKS PATTY!!!! XD Apparently though, according to this picture, it looks like I still need to work on my “smokey eye” look. Blah! XP

Anyways, I have decided that fake lashes are going to be Makeup Lesson 101. These are the pretties that my bestie got me:

The top one is a set of half lashes, and the bottom one is a full set of lashes. Hop on Youtube and do a quick search on how to apply fake lashes, and then dive right in for a try!

Normal Eyes.

Apply glue. Wait for it… wait for it…!!!

. . . . .

. . . .

. . .

. .



Holy cow-a-bunga! Do you SEE the LENGTH of those LASHES?!?! And this is only the half lash set! Yow! No wonder females love fake lashes… LOOK at that New York SKYSCRAPER! LOL! I haven’t even touched it with mascara yet, wowzers! Ha ha! OK, this is way too awesome. Time to do the other side. Glue. Wait. Apply. Oh lookie…

I have pretty long lashes now! Amazing. I was actually a little speechless after applying both fake lashes on. True, my left fake lashes weren’t QUITE at my natural lash line, and I didn’t do any prepping on my real lashes… so you can see a little bit of skin peeking through… but still! AMAZING! Ha ha. No makeup! And you can see it clear through my glasses! Check that out!

Speechless. Ha ha. Makeup and beauty products still confuse me.

Tangent… OK, so, I remember this one time I took my old room mate to South Coast Plaza so she could get some makeup… and so here we were, two girls at the makeup counter, and she had this one service representative putting makeup on her face and everything, and I was just sitting there watching. And of course, me being me, I got slightly bored so I started looking around… and then! I spotted the unspeakable! A MALE makeup artist doing makeup for this one other chick at another makeup counter. I said, “Damn, this is pathetic. That guy there probably knows more about makeup than I do…” and my darling ex-room mate’s sweet reply? “Yeah. He probably does. But I bet you know more about band saws and table saws than he ever will.” Gosh I love my old room mate. XD OK, pardon, end of tangent. XD

SO! Now that I have accomplished half lashes, time for… (drumroll please!) the FULL set of fake lashes! XDDDDDDD I carefully peel off my half lashes, take care of them (peel off the dried glue, curve them, put them back in the case), and take out my full set.

And yeah. I totally labeled the left and right lash. Cause I’m a slightly OCPD design major like that. Plus, this way, no confusion or excuses. XD

Take out full lashes, screw trying to cut them to size, glue, wait, paste, repeat on other side. Oh lookie!

I now have pretty long lashes all the way across my top lash line! Score! However, not having them cut to the right size will screw up my eyes to never ending pain. So, off I carefully peeled them, peeled off the glue, and cut off ONE lash on each before putting the whole lash and the single lash hair away.

Point of all this? Simple. I was just too lazy to cut them to the correct size. Plus, my eyes were hurting from having them too long. So, just put them away for another day when I have the energy to actually cut them to the right size. The reason why I kept the single hair lash? From what I read, if you want, you can actually take the cut off lashes and use them for your bottom lash. That is still yet to be tested by me though. We will see. My eyes hurt now. So much for wreaking havoc. The only thing I seemed to have stressed are my eyelids so far… time to move on to the next activity! XD


So, what happens when you mix kumquat, mascarpone, and pistachios together? Yeah, if I need to do a Wiki-link for pistachios as well cause you don’t know what it is; I’m sending you guys back to grade school. Shit. XP Like how I actually linked it? I’m on a Wiki-linking banzai tonight, damn! XD

Anyways, I didn’t know. Until this afternoon. At work. When a designer came in and gave me a taste of what she made… I was like, whats this?!?! And she explained. Kumquat skin, mascarpone plus triple sec with a little vanilla and a dash of sugar… and crushed pistachios on top.

Cool beans! I’m on it! Being born and raised in a true Asian family, we have a kumquat tree in our backyard. Big surprise there, eh? XP  Ha ha. Screw buying triple sec, I’ll make do with whatever liquor already available at home. So, out to Trader Joe’s for some mascarpone, and its on! First things first, assemble materials:

Fresh kumquat fruit plucked off the kumquat tree.

The other “stuff”. Including Kahlua (instead of Triple Sec), because thats what we conveniently have at home.

Ha ha, like I said, I’m on a Wiki-roll tonight! XP

Plop some soft mascarpone down, squirt a little bit of vanilla, pour some Kahlua, mix! Mix mix mix! Taste test. Not sweet enough. Add a tad of confectioners sugar! Mix mix mix! Looks a tad like this:

Dice kumquat fruits, scoop out the bitter flesh into a little bowl, and keep the sweet peel.

Now being the genius that I am, I didn’t know we had pistachios at home, so I scooped some of my mascarpone mixture into my kumquat peel, and topped it off with a single coffee bean…

Lucky me though, my little brother came home and asked what I was doing… and upon telling him, he enlightened me that actually, we DO have pistachios at home. I just wasn’t looking. XP So, I’ll admit, I got a little into my project of making desserts at this time, and I forgot to take pictures of my kumquat peels loaded with my mascarpone mixture. Pardon. But! I DID shell each pistachio nut individually, pop them all into a bag, and smash them into bits with a meat tenderizer! XD

And after they were done “tenderizing” into little pistachio bits, I took them out and carefully sprinkled them over my kumquat/mascarpone mixture. Final result?

Ta da! XD

Pretty yummies. XD

Oh, and about that bitter kumquat flesh I took out near the beginning?

Strain the bitter liquid from the kumquat’s meat and seeds.

Add a bit of hot water, and a shot of honey. Mix. Kumquat juice! Good shot of Vitamin C right here for your throat to keep you from getting sick. XD

And thats it folks. I just finished wrapping my night up over an hour on WordPress blogging this picture blog out. I’m calling it a night. Hope you guys enjoyed my lazy (yet totally jam packed) non-clubbing Saturday events! XD

1 AM.

Night, folks.


Is this what my life has really come down to? Summers are AWESOME!!! I can wake up at 9 AM, complaining that its too early, go meet up with some church friends at 9:30 to do some lazy swimming at the local pool next to my house, come home, spend a couple hours making cold avocado soup and cake balls, blog about it and mosey around at the same time. Amazing! Summers should be longer…  no, really! XD

So! How did THIS post come about? My family has an avocado tree in our back yard:

And this avocado tree bears too much fruit. Now, if you do any research on avocados, you will realize that you can’t really make much out of avocados. But, you CAN make California Rolls, and cold avocado soup among some things avocados are useful for. XD Now, since my sushi making skills are non-existent (I’ve always been a baker of sweets, not a cook. XP), I decided that cold avocado soup was the way to go. So, hop onto one of the most bomb diggity sites on the world wide web,, did a quick search, and found this yummy baby right here.

And the cake balls? A friend from church, Tommy Wang, is graduating from Biola University today! (YAY TOMMY! XD) So, instead of doing the normal, boring flowers and cards that will wilt, be thrown away, or stuffed somewhere forgotten, I decided that cake balls were the way to go. They are even share-able! XD

Now, being the true design major that I am, I have a lot of problems following directions sometimes. But I was able to follow most of the directions on the Triple Fudge Betty Crocker cake mix! Score one for me! Popped it in the oven, and when it was almost done baking, I realized that I was an idiot and forgot to take pictures for my blog! But fear not! I was able to take pictures of my avocado soup (and the end of my cake balls). So here is my cake, fresh baked out the oven, thrown into the freezer to cool down faster:

While its cooling, as much as I love onion, I dropped the onion from my soup, randomly splashed in whatever milk I have available (in this case, non fat and soy), and BLENDED! XD

Add some chili and black pepper, blend some more, and look!

Magic! XD

But wait! I’m just done with the soup! I still have the cake to make into cake balls for Tommy! So, back into the freezer I go, saving his triple chocolate fudge cake from frostbite!

Superwoman style!!!

Dum da da da! (Thank goodness I’m not an English/Writing major, huh? The professors would freak and fail me if they saw me write stuff like “Dum da da da!” in my essays. XP Lol! XD) Anyways, crumble it all into a big metal bowl!

Yes, Tommy, I apologize if I freaked you out with that picture above. I’m a very hands on type of gal, I like going directly into stuff with my hands, no wooden mixing spoon here! XP Its OK though! Cause I washed my hands with soap and water before crumbling your cake with my bare hands! XD

Now, normally, a cake ball recipe will ask for a can of frosting to be mixed into the crumbled cake to form into balls. Personally, I find this too sweet. So, screw the recipe, cupfuls of fake, processed, sugar, and diabetes! Just throw in a block of cream cheese and call it a day! XD

And hands on mix, mix, mix! YAY! XD The key here is the knead all the cream cheese out, so you no longer see any white cream cheese. Needless to say, its easier checking yourself when you’re mixing it in chocolate cake. When mixing into a lighter colored crumbled cake, aim for an almost dough-ish consistency; meaning that the frosting/cream cheese is evenly distributed throughout the crumbled cake. (Aim for your cake mixture to look like the bottom picture, if it looks like the picture above, keep mixing! XD)

And back in the freezer it goes! Wash some dishes, clean up the tornado of a mess I made in the kitchen, and back into the freezer I dive for my slightly hardened cake mixture. The point of this “quick freeze”  isn’t a necessity, but rather its just to make the cake mixture a little stiffer (and thus, easier for me) to work with. And time to make them into balls! Yay!

Now, I’m going to be brutally honest and say downright and out that I’m a lazy ass. No dipping these in chocolate like the cream cheese frosting and spice cake balls I made for my best friend when I drove down to visit her in San Diego a little while back. (Still gotta practice my double boiler technique of smoothly melting the chocolate. XP) But! I can dust them with a quick, sweet, sparse kiss of confectioner’s powder sugar and make them look super pretty! XD

Oh lookie. Yum yum!

Congratulations on your graduation, Tommy! =]

So, as every CSULB Interior Architecture major knows, we’re all slightly insane. Thus, actually blogging at 2:50 AM during the summer because my sleep schedule is so shot is actually pretty normal. In a not so good way. XP

Nevertheless, it hit me one day. That I had NO IDEA how to use makeup. Not good.

And of course, knowing me, I had to “discover” this epiphany trying to apply eye shadow on myself an hour before I was to arrive at a lounge with my best friend. Riiiiiiiight…

Of course, being the genius that I am, I didn’t take a picture of how I ended up looking like last night. But while trying to apply makeup on, it really got me thinking. Over 80+% of the girls in my design classes come made up and looking like dolls every day to class. And they do it so fast and so well! I, however, skate into class on my long board with a makeup free face everyday. Somehow, I get the vague feeling that I must have been sleeping the day that lecture “Makeup 101” was given.


 Anyways, a day, a dozen or so Youtube videos, multiple makeup application attempts, two dry eyes, and a red left eye later, I’ve decided that this summer, I was going to attempt to “unlazify” myself and learn how to slap on some half decent looking makeup on myself as part of my artistic arsenal.

I’m not going to lie, I’m going into uncharted territory right now, and its kinda scary, but I have a pretty Alice in Wonderland Urban Decay palette that I bought at Ulta for an arm and a leg that I haven’t used it yet (damn it), and (hopefully) a lot of time during the summer to learn how to seriously slap on some makeup super quick on my face. So, with that being said, here is a picture of my beginners attempt at makeup or, more specifically, eye shadow.

Lets hope that by the end of the summer, my picture looks much improved. Wish me luck! XD

Whoa, OK, before I even begin, how the heck did I manage to hit 35 views in one day? Seriously? I haven’t even poured that much time or energy into this blog (thanks to Design and FINALS! XP), but I get a random spike of views in one day? What?!?! XP (Now, how do I get that EVERY day? XD)

Anyways, it felt good to SIGN BACK INTO my WordPress account again; good grief, didn’t even remember my WordPress password! And yes, do I miss photo blogging!!! Plus, I think my writing skills have deteriorated to nothing again, so shoot me. XP Time to start photo blogging and brushing up on my writing skills, again! I’m looking forward to it, super excited! XD

Nevertheless, I guess the steam that I just want to blow off today, now that finals week is over, is a personal one. As this semester comes to a close, I’ve been met with dismal (by me) grades that I’m not exactly thrilled with, and I know a lot of it has to go with being able to think things through, working through things, and overcoming my own personal demons that haunt me still.

I know for a fact that there is still a lot to work on, and I guess in a sense that just being able to ramble on randomly on a blog I “dedicated” to my design and photo blogging, I’m hoping that it will help me just get my ideas out there on “paper”, and let me toss ideas around from out of my head to (hopefully) organize them into some coherant manner… even though the slightly OCPD side of me will be slightly annoyed that this total off topic is on my blog dedicated to the “arts”. Lets call this “thinking art, in progress”.

I guess where I can start is whats bugging me the most, which is where I am right now. I just wrapped up my 5th year on college. FIFTH year. And I have 3, thats right, THREE, more years to go… IF I pass portfolio review the first time around and not fail any of my studio classes… bringing me to a grand total of 8, unfortunately, you read right… EIGHT mother loving years of college to get my BFA in Interior Architecture. True, I can say, well, I changed my major two years into college, and I had amnesia for another year or so, so that knocks off about three years, right? But that still has me racking up five years of college. And honestly, I don’t know what bugs me more. The fact that there is external pressure from a very traditional family and friend’s standpoint to “hurry the fuck up and graduate like everyone else “normal” your age”, or the fact that this major is so rediculously overdemanding and perfectionist asking, its slightly insane.

Its like a love hate relationship. See, had I have known this major was going to be my insanely long crack cocaine drug addiction that I refuse to stop taking or wean myself off of; I would have stayed fucking far far away with this major on parole, a 10′ pole, my pepper spray, and my cop ex-boyfriend’s taser gun. Unfortunately though, I chose this path before I fully understood Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road Not Taken”. Ha, 6th grade memories of that poem and Mr. Mossman. Lol. But the poem speaks in all honestly. And I realize this when I look back and realize that as each year passes, my stakes raise just a bit more; and you gotta learn how to eat the pressure that builds, because its just going to keep building, and that shit isn’t going to let up anytime soon, or ever. Thats how life is. So take it if you want to hang.

The third part of the Robert Frost’s poem goes, “And both that morning equaly lay, In leaves no step had trodden black. Oh, I kept the first for another day! Yet knowing how way leads on to way, I doubted if I should ever come back.” And motherfucker, was this man right. If only I kept that decision for another day, not knowing what was in store for me beyond the bent in the undergrowth within Interior Architecture Design. I mean, what the fuck was I thinking?!?! To give up a totally san, legit, doable Graphic Design major for Interior Architecture Design?!?! I mean, what the hell is Interior Architecture?!?! Explain how the hell that even relates to Design! XP

And I ask myself, what the hell am I doing with my life?!?! I hear stories of cats that graduated High School with me owning two Audis, graduating from some prestigious, doing well for themselves, having their lives on track, buying BMWs; you know, doing the normal good Asian kid thing thats approved by our sheltered bubbled community. Shit. My graduating high school class saw a girl off to Stanford, and another one off to West Point. I go to a CAL STATE. Mother fucker, my Cal State happens to be number three in Southern California in IA Design, and number 7 in California, damn it.

Ok, this isn’t working. I’m going to go do something productive now. XP

***As I write this, I’m slightly mortified that my writing skills seem to have deteriorated into nothing over the summer. My greatest apologies! o.O’***

So, I decided that I was going to go with my original idea. Finish off my portfolio with a yellow and red pop to show off my vibrant personality!

For the first half of how to make the portfolio itself, please click here.

To finish it off? Once again, my inspiration came from K and Company’s beautiful scrapbook bounding technique.


Once again, I did funky math:


Measured and sliced my paper according to Professor Matias Ocana’s wise words… “Measure three times, cut once.”



After Elmer gluing the paper down to my binding strips, I busted out some sealant!


Let it dry, popped open some holes, and then… excitement! It was time to slice, dice, and reuse my leftover quarter inch foam board from the 27 square project! Measured everything out, and glued one side (the side furthest from the binding side) down to look like this…



Then, printed out a little title block for the front of my portfolio:


Dropped a corrugated black border all around…


Split an opening in the yellow paper…




And then a smaller one for my logo, and glue the excess back…


Glue my text into place, than the paper to the foamboard…




I was too lazy to cut a boarder, plus, I plan to add something on top to cover the messiness. However, I did fold the edges down into 45 degree angles to get sharp, crisp lines that will peek out later…


After tucking everything back, ta da! Starting to look exciting to me! =] I slice two red sheets and mod podge it to seal it in…



And while I wait for the thick layer of mod podge to dry, I cut out an excess sheet of yellow paper to mod podge, glue together, and then cover the binding…


Slipped the extra paper in…


Then after the red sheets have dried, glued it in the center so there is a pretty yellow boarder all around!


Note how I folded the edges at a 45 degree angle earlier so the overall effect looks more crisp and put together here.


Protected ALL my trace papers (went through approximately 600 of those darn hole reinforcement lables… Wal mart, pack of 900! =]) Pop everything in, screw everything shut…





And I’m done! =] I plan to make a logo and print it on clear sticker paper which I’ll cut and tape into the little red square on the lower right corner of my portfolio. Yay!


summer is officially here, and my greatest apologies if I’m inarticulate, short, and non-descriptive in this post, for all my skills and manners flew out the window when school ended. XP

Nevertheless, after finishing my own longboard, my little brother was stoked and wanted a longboard for himself as well when he went to college. First thing that pops into my mind? Make another board, for him though, of course! =] So after asking him a couple questions to get some idea of what he wanted, back to the Art Supply Warehouse I go, to buy another board and more griptape! Except this time, the longboard I buy is a LONNNNNNG one, just shy of 4′ with no kick up at the end and a smooth flat surface.

Blank Deck

Once again, I can but just revel at the sweet virgin 10% and 20% warm grays, shining softly at me, begging me to mark it with beauty and grace. I ask my brother what he wanted, and he said he had no idea, all he knew was  he wanted stripes, and his name on it so no one could steal it when he went to college. Hmm, OK. So, time to start slapping some paint on top. Justin picked a dark green, and after measuring out stripes, slapping down the tape, and slobbering on the straight out of the bottle dark green, his board looked a little something like this.

Green Stripes n tape

Wait for the paint to dry, peel off the tape, and cut out a copy die to paint my bro’s name on each side of his skateboard. Blah blah blah (like how my writing skills seem to have deteriorated as well? XP), measure everything out, and tape the copy die onto the board to paint some more straight out of the bottle dark green with.


Plop down a huge mess:


Dry, peel, retape on other side, plop more paint down… wait for it to dry again, peel off the paper die, complain at the bleeding paint, scrape off the excess paint with an exacto knife… a couple hours and a few swipes of a wet rag later, I finally had something that was starting to look like a presentable longboard.


Dang! It’s starting to look good! I thought this was good for the top, and since my bro had no idea what he wanted for the bottom, I decided to make a design of my own. Hopped online, printed out a couple pictures, and started drawing with a pencil on the back of his board.


After getting here:


I didn’t like the way the arm was placed, so erase and redraw!


And then the second artwork:


Ended up looking like this:


My aunt didn’t like the placement of the eagle, so I tried two more different placements…


and then a different style altogether:


After 5 tries, I said “Screw it”, and did my own thing with my aunt’s opinion in mind:


I liked the darkness of the eagle compared to the light UCSD triton, so I darkened the triton as well.


Then, with my greatest apologies to Katsushika Hokusai, I took his great painting, and started mimicking it for my bro’s board.




End product? Looked like this:


Had to sign and date a piece like this:


Then, back to the polycrylic paint to seal and shine this baby.


4 coats and a 24 hour cure period later, I flipped the board and did the same treatment to the front. Then, off to Jack’s on Main St. in Huntington Beach I go again, to finish this baby off!


Had this gentleman grip and help me finish the board off. I actually liked his gripping technique, it was really clean and tight.





And boom bada bang. There we go. My bro’s board is done! =] Went home, tried to surprise my bro… TOTALLY DIDN’T WORK. Ha ha. He knew it was coming, and even though he didn’t show a lot of emotion, I know he was happy when he got the final product. The smile on his face was enough. =]

So Justin, this one is tailored for you. The triton because you are going to UCSD. The eagle to remind always remind you: “Once an eagle, always an eagle.” and that being an Eagle Scout is something no one can ever take away from you. (Now go finish getting your third palm. =]) The water polo ball to remind you to stay physically fit and to honor your title as the “Great Wall of Cerritos” goalie, and  your 3-peat CIF, bump up TWO divisions this year, Cerritos High School championship H2O polo senior year. And “The Great Wave”, because you love Japan so much. =]

I love you. You are awesome. Now go eat sidewalk crap and learn how to skate! =]

With all of my big sisterly love,

Irena Wang. =]


OK, so I always wanted to learn how to skate, right? Problem is, I never had a skateboard. So, imagine my pleasure when I go to arguably one of my most favorite stores in the world, the Art Supply Warehouse, and find blank decks for sale there! Whee! =] A short deck, and two different kinds of long decks. I’m stoked. First thing I do? Buy a long deck that has a slight kick upwards at the end, take it home, and drool all over myself!

Blank DeckJust look at this baby! Clean as a whistle, with so many possibilities I can paint on it! Geez, my head is getting all light and dizzy just thinking about it! Oh, the virgin 20% warm gray tones of sweetness promising me anything on its beautiful tan surface. Its so time to bust out my acrylic paints and gear…


Acrylic paint sheet

I have a couple ideas of what I want to paint, but I’m so lightheaded, I decided the back would probably be a good place to start. So, dip my brush in red, and baby, its time to do my all time favorite design… swirls and dots! Whoo hoo! =]

Swirls and Dots

Of course, painting 3′-6″ was way too much for my little kiddie self (how could I contain myself? I’ve only been drooling all over myself, remember?). So, I cheated, and painted a huuuuuuuge red heart right in the smack dab upper middle of the bottom of my board.


Like how I even took the picture all artsy to make the red pop out? Ha ha, let me tell you, I’m so stoked right now just painting the bottom of my board I don’t even know what to do with myself! Plus, with the heart added to the swirly design I painted on top of it, and my all time favorite swirl and dots design, it all blended in together like it was meant to be. Check it out!

Bottom of Deck

Damn, my baby looks good so far, and this is just the bottom of my skateboard! Whoa! Haha, looking nice and girly so far (unlike the boards that they sell at shops that are SO GUY ORIENTED!), I’m stoked and riding a natural adrenaline high! So, now that I’ve nailed the back what about the front? I pause and think. It has to be feminine. So I slap down some yellow (random side note: yellow use to be my most favorite color in the world, currently, its red and all the pinks and maroons that go along with it! =]), slap down some tape, and paint some straight-out-of-the-bottle-bright green! This is what it looked like drying!

Painting sides

Slapped some more green in the middle…

Fully Painted Green

Let it dry, and peeled off my tape. Holey moley! Take a look at that! Its funny how I seem to get more and more excited as this starts getting more and more together… and I just only painted some stripes in. Haha!

Green Pinstripes!

But look at it! No wonder I’m so excited, I’m actually personalizing my board by making this and its all slowly coming together! Whee! So whats next? Something girly girl, right? I’m thinking  hibiscus flowers. I’m thinking three big pretty ones to frame the words I want to paint onto my board… time to nail down some white paint to work with.

Whites for Flowers

OK, paint is down! Time to make these white blobs into something flowery looking! Slap some maroon paint down, add some white streaks, add a yellow stigma, blob a couple maroon dots to contrast the white and compliment my flowers… everything is coming together! Yay!




Nail down half of one of my favorite quotes down.


and then the other half of my quote!


Let it dry, color the second half of my quote and the hearts in…


Look at that! I’m so stoked!


Painted four layers of protective clear coat polycrylic semi-gloss finish over the whole board, and took this baby to my girl at Zumies to help me nail down the clear grip tape I bought at the Art Supply Warehouse. This is my girl putting the grip tape down for me.



The design got a little blurry after we put the clear grip tape down, but see that smile on my face? I’m sure it speaks oodles. =]


Zumies actually didn’t have the trucks and wheels I needed for my longboard… nor did any of the damn skate and surf shops at my local mall. So, back to Huntington Beach I go, hitting up Main St. and all the surf shops there. Hit up Jack’s Surfboards, and got a really nice guy to help me put some clear green wheels on my baby.






Smart me, huh? Got my little main swirl on the top of my skateboard covered by the damn trucks and wheels. Ha ha. But I figured, its OK, at this point, I’ve already invested so damn much time and money into this, I was just happy it was done and over with. Look at fruit of my labors! Ha ha!


So! Overall, lets break it down, in the rough ballpark of a Mastercard style breakdown:

Blank deck: $50

Grip Tape: $5

Polycrylic Paint: $7

Acrylics and etc: $3

Wheels: $20

Trucks: $40

Bearings: $10

Misc.: $15

Total: $150

Smile on my face after I eat shit trying to learn how to longboard on my personalized baby: Priceless.

There are some things money can’t buy, for everything else, I only own a Visa, and thats what I use. Sorry Mastercard. Starting to sound like a commercial here? Ha ha, sorry ladies and gentlemen, so much for finals… I gotta go outside and eat shit a couple times to learn how to skate on this baby. Plus, I gotta hit up my girl at Zumies to show her my final product with the green wheels placed on. Whee! =]


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